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Making Gifts of Stock

One way to avoid paying high capital gains tax is to give the gift of appreciated stock or securities. By doing this, you not only avoid capital gains tax, but you gain a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value of the stocks or securities on the day they were transferred. Plus, your parish, school, agency or the diocese itself will receive the full value of your stock - a wonderful and thoughtful gift that is a taxwise move. Because these gifts are "out of the ordinary," you may wish to consider using them towards an endowment of your favorite institution so that your gift can itself keep on giving over the years.

For anyone interested in giving a financial gift, giving the appreciated stock can be much more beneficial than selling the stock yourself and then giving the profits from the sale.

Before giving a gift of stock, you or your financial institution should notify the school, parish or agency of your plans. Download the Stock Donation Form adobe-iconand follow the instructions to make a gift of stock to the diocese, your parish, school or Catholic agency. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Greene in the Diocesan Finance Office at (704) 370-3395 or Jim Kelley in the Diocesan Development Office at (704) 370-3301.